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I have a 2000 Honda Civic LX with a 16DY7 engine. Has 275000 miles which has been re-ringed, new cam, timing belt, water pump gaskets , rebuilt in general. The other day I went to start it for the first time that day and it stumbled then no start. Cranks fine, had gas, new plugs, coil, dist, rotor. Checked the crankshaft position sensor and its within its range in ohms. Is getting gas, has spark and fuel pump is cycling, checked all of the connections I could get to as well as all the fuses and all is fine. Car is a five speed manual and has been running fine until now. Compression is fair but cant get an accurate reading since it won't start. Cranking it as is all cylinders at 50 or above compression. Any ideas that I haven't tried? Replaced complete distributer again, rechecked timing and it's ok. I have checked every electrical connection and relay that I can find. Engine turns over great, spark plugs get wet with gas and has spark but still won't start. I think I've watched every youtube repair it and nothing has worked. I think I'm loosing it as I thought I could fix just about everything but now I'm stumped.

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