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My wife has a 1993 Delsol Si with automatic, I am not sure the problem is related but I will mention it in case it is, over the last 6 months she has complained at times her check engine light came on briefly ( not flashing ) but when it came on she said stumbled a bit and lack for power, every time I went to check it and look for any error code after installing the jumper and waiting to see how many time the CEL blinked I get nothing, I could not find anything to lead me in any specific direction, and since the car would run fine 99% of the time I told her run it until what ever it is flat quits maybe I will have a better clue. Two weeks ago I get a call she has broke down, she went to start her car after visiting her daughter and the car would not start, starter motor turns the engine over just fine but no engine start and run, then she added she did not hear the fuel humm nor the relay click when she first turns the key on, so I pick up a new relay while in route to her car, changed the relay, humm that is not the problem, do a quick check on ignition and find she is not even getting any fire to the the spark plugs there, while she cranks the starter motor. I check all fuses and main ones under the hood as well all looks good and double checked with continuity tester. So we are forced to get it towed home.

At home I notice she has an excessive amount of water on her floor boards ( yes her roof leaks ) and we have had heavy rains for about 3 week to this point, I figure something electronic may have gotten damp, but attempt to start the car again anyway and CEL comes on, on initial turn of key as it should, but does not go out and I note at same time fuel pump never kicked on, so while I am pondering what the problem is the ignition key is still on, after about a minute the CEL light flickers on and off then stays off and fuel pump hums and relay clicks and I hit he starter and it fires right up, runs great for about 5 minutes then shuts off like I had turned off the ignition, yet I hadn't, try again it acted as it should and fired right up, a couple more restarts provide about the same results, some times act like it should and fire right up, other times CEL stays on for a while them flickers and eventually goes out and then car will start. So I am looking at all the water on her floor board and figure I best pull ECU and check for dampness, all I find inside is a beautiful circuit board but all plug in pin contacts to the board are corroded since its been down there amongst the moisture, well I clean all that, re-seal the board after drying everything out, dry the car out for 5 days, put everything back together and car acts just like it should, ignition key on, fuel pump hums, relay clicks, starts right up, runs great, for a week, then today she heads to work, turns key on, CEL never goes out, no fuel pump hum, no relay click everything is dead regarding engine operation, starter motor works fine, power accessories, lights etc so where should I be addressing my investigation into here? my shop manual has been no damn help.

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