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[OM]Watch Captain Phillips/Kills Online


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[OM]Watch Captain Phillips/Kills Online

This unbearably tense hijack thriller is based on the true story from 2009 about a Somali pirate attack on an American container ship, and watching it, I succumbed more or less immediately to an attack of "Greengrass cotton-mouth": the two-hour anxiety attack that only a movie by Paul Greengrass can provoke. With his 9/11 nightmare United 93 (2006) and his Northern Ireland drama Bloody Sunday (2002) I came down with these same symptoms: shallow breathing, heart arrhythmia, a high-pitched keening coming from somewhere behind clenched teeth and a tendency to grab the red plush of the seat in front. Or even the scalp of the unfortunate person sitting in it. Like those earlier movies, this is about a confrontation and a catastrophe colossal, and yet in another sense just the surface symptom of far bigger economic and political factors.If you remember the news accounts, you remember the outcome. Yet there's a big difference between knowing about something and experiencing it. In "Captain Phillips" director Paul Greengrass gets viewers to a place where they feel it - enough that they appreciate what Phillips went through and yet only so much that they can stand it.

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