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1994 del sol stalled during emissions


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I have a 1994 civic del sol Si (manual). About 6 months ago the car died on me for the first time while driving along at 35 mph. I pulled over and it restarted fine. It never stalled again like that until about 3 weeks ago. Again it stalled while driving and again it started right back up. It has not happened again, but today I took it in for emission testing. Being a 1994, they had to run it on the drum. They were unable to drive it for more than 30 seconds because it continually stalled while attempting the test. The testing was inconclusive, so I'm kind of stuck. I then drove it home and it never stalled during the drive home. I tried to create high load situations by driving hard up hill in a high gear thinking it was the load of the drum that was causing the stall, but it would not stall for me.


It does periodically stall immediately after starting when cold. In all of these cases it starts right back up. The starter often sticks on momentarily when starting, though this predates the stalling issue.


Two years and 20k ago I replaced the following:

head gasket, igniter, coil, pcv, plugs, wires, starter, PCM, main relay, fuel filter


Also, I have been noticing an odor getting stronger from the passenger footwell that reminds me of the PCM when it died before. I read that later honda civics had a recall due to stalls that were determined to be a faulty ignition switch.



Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Thank you for your thoughts.

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