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Can struts get damaged from tire exchange + alignment?

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I took my 1996 Honda Odyssey into American Tire Depot for "4" brand new tires and a complete alignment done on the entire car. As soon as I left and went over a speed bump, my car bottom out really bad. It was a crunch, crunch noise, as if my wheels were hitting the wheel well. It sounded really bad. I have own the car for 3 years and it has never done that once...never, never, never. I took the car back the next day, explained the situation and an employee went along with me for a ride in my vehicle. I went over a speed bump gradually and the noise and crunch was very evident. Then, I went over a second speed bump slower...very slow, and the same crunch noise. As the van goes over the speed bump it raises some and than comes crashing down. It sounds really bad and does not look good.

Of course, the employee had the same assessment as anyone with a great brain would have...struts are bad. But I tell you, that I never had the problem before I took my car in and now it exists. Manager denies any wrong doing or intentional doing. I told him that I didn't believe in intentional harm to my car, but accidents do happen.

Manager wants to put two new struts and strut mounts on the front of my car for $475 (all parts and labor). I say forget that, because I don't trust this place any more.

Is it possible for struts to be destroyed in tire replacement via change, car lift, car alignment?

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I purchased the vehicle from the last owner, three years ago. The car has 150,000 miles on it. I put 30,000 miles on it. I am not accusing this place of sabotage. I just know for utter certainty that the problem did not exist before I took my vehicle in and now it exists and it is really really bad. I have not hit a curb or hit a speed bump or dip hard. I have driven the car the past two days very minimal and normal. The car's issues started as soon as I left the tire place and has continued.

It just stands to reason that the problem accidentally occurred in the install of 4 tires and or the alignment. Some how and in some way, something happened to my vehicle while the job was done.

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You asked if struts can be damaged by new tires and an alignment. The answer is no.


Seems like you've convinced yourself already and came here to have someone agree with you.


Go get some struts somewhere else. I can only imagine you want the tire shop to pay for struts. People like you make me glad I'm not a mechanic by profession: I'm a chemist and this is my hobby.


You can't hold the last people that touched your car responsible for anything that happens after you get it back. Seriously, how did you come to this conclusion? Are you omitting some info?

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