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99 B18B swap in to 95civic shifting problems


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Recently I got a 99 b18b swap done on my automatic 95 civic I had shifting problems on it and the tranny went out on me. I just got a new tranny and got the ECU reprogrammed to runt he engine, but in still having tranny problems I went to a few places like Ramey build and they cant really tell me anything. When I put it in D4 its stuck in 3rd gear and doesn’t really go but when I put it in D1 it puts it in 2nd gear and that’s when it will drive and the I have to up shift to D4 which puts it in 3rd gear : and when I slow down then speed up it doesn’t down shift. Going in reverse is no problem. Can someone please help me or lead me in the right place to fix it ( and no im not converting it to manual my mom drives my car some times and doesn’t know how to.) i really dont know what to do anymore the next thing is to get rid of the car or junk it.

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