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94 Honda accord EX

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the guy was tired of it and was going to scrap the car, so I bought it for $150.


Now he says there is a honda prelude engine in it from a 95 prelude.

and he says there is a 3 stage clutch in it.

also the car sits 3-4 inches off the ground.


judging by the images of this car, whats the resale value and what motor is really in this car.


Im thinking about fixing it up but, there isn't a catalytic converter on it and where I live there is a vehicle emissions check, before I can get plates.

Thanks :)








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Preludes from the same vintage shared drivetrain platforms with Accords. So, saying it's a prelude motor doesn't mean anything, unless it is an H-series motor which you DO NOT have.


For a resale price you'll have to look at the local market. It varies from place to place.


I personally would not pay much given the amount of cosmetic damage.


Just fix it up and drive it.

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