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97 LX 2.2 5 speed. Hard/harsh idle.


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I am the new owner of a 1997 accord LX 2.2 5 speed. *153k miles.*

What is the (warmed up) idle RPM supposed to be? *The car when idling is not idling (rough) as in missing or skipping. *It is idling "hard". *That is, it is very staccato when at idle. *When this is happening, the tach appears steady to be at 750 RPms. *It's hard to tell because of the gradations below 1000 rpm.

The car runs perfectly, plenty of power and no misses or skipping. *It is just an idle issue. *The idle is very steady, and the engine does not die, it just "buzzes"the interior, and feels like the car is on a vibrating pad. *If I press on the accelerator at all with any increase in RPMS the hardness/vibrations go away and everything is smooth..


Any thoughts?



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