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98 Honda Civic A/C System Help


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So I re did my entire A/C system yesterday on my 98 Honda Civic. I replaced everything but the hoses. So that included the Evaporator/Expansion Valve, the Condenser, the Dryer, and the Compressor. I got new seals on all those areas, put a little oil on them bad boys, tightened it all up, and then drew a vacuum on the thing. As soon as I turn the vacuum off, the pressure returned to atmospheric. So, I thought I had a leak. Does anyone have any suggestions? The system has oil but no R-134a obviously. I used a little Autozone rental vacuum and gauges to pull the vacuum. It was brand new, but the gauges were not. Please help! I really haven't a clue now how to find if I do in fact have a leak or not. And if so, how on earth to find it.

Thank you in advance! It's like 98 F today...

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@brek7 first look overyour work, make sure you didn't miss anything, or that you left anything loose. then put a little refrigerant in the system (like 1/2 can)and make a mixture of soap and water, use the water soap mmixture to look for leaks; lleeks will appear as bubbles.

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