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Honda Civic 2013 Door Slammed


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Long story short, a very upset sister of mine slammed the door of my Honda Civic 2013 EX-L extremely roughly and it left it in a working condition but it just doesn't "feel" the same using the door. All other three doors feel solid and have a very low click sound when opening it as a door should - just solid all around. The one that was slammed still works fine it locks, opens and closes no problem, but when you open it the sound is off. It is more of a higher pitch almost like something is rattling or loose.


It is more of a nit-picky thing but it has digging at my brain for a while. I am unable to find anything visibly wrong but it sounds like its coming from inside the door mechanism. Would anyone have any idea what this might be?


Thanks for any feedback,


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Only thing in the door in the path of that slam would be the latching mechanism. I guess it could be dinged but to be sure I would disassemble the door trim and remove the latch. Probably not worth the trouble since your ear will grow accustomed to the new sound.

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Thanks for the reply,


My real worry was that it was something small that broke in there that may lead to further problems down the line. If the only thing that is there is the latch I suppose that is a non issue, unless I am missing something here.

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