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Good upgrades for acceleration?

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Hey guys, I'm new to this whole forum thing but I have an 04 accord and it's just a 4 cyl. I know its slow and everything and I don't want a super fast car, but I just want a bit more torque for a better pull. Other than a turbo, is there anything else I could do that would boost the torque?

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And where pray tell do you intend to use this torque? Low end or top end or all around. Such decisions affect the type of turbo you select. If you want a smooth increase in torque from low to high, sell your car and get the V6.

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Already have intake and exhaust? Then you know the increase in torque was even smaller than the increase in horsepower.


Short answer: no mod will give you an worthwhile increase in torque for less than $1k.


Keep your money. Save up for that V6 Accord.

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