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Looking to buy a CRX. Need some advice from those that know...


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Hey guys,


So I've really got my heart set on a Honda CRX Si, mainly because I am a college student looking for a small, fun car that gets awesome gas mileage. The CRX meets all criteria. I have a few local options, but I feel like people are either asking way too much, or are trying to sell me a bucket of bolts.


These are the two I am looking at specifically:




He wants 5k for a car that has 200,000+ miles on it. Yes, the engine is new, but I know nothing about that model of engine. Otherwise the car DOES look to be in very good condition, mostly stock from what I can tell, which is something I am looking for. But 5k? Seems too steep...


Then there is this one:




This one seems to have a few issues, first it needs new front tires, but that shouldn't be too expensive. Second, it has some issue that the guy THINKS is due to a faulty distributor cap. Lots cheaper, but its definitely a little beat. I would be willing to drop another couple hundred bucks into it to get her running right and strong, but I don't want it to turn into a black hole of money.


Thanks for your help!

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