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Won't start '03 4cyl Vtec w/ manual trans


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This is the first major problem this car has given me! the Accord has started fine up until yesterday. I came out from work and turned the key and got nothing no click, no grind, just silence. All other electrical systems are fine, power windows, lights etc. all work. Battery was new in Oct. terminals are clean. Pulled the starter thinking that is what it had to be. Had it checked at AutoZone. Check out fine and the man checked it 5 time to be sure. Put the old starter back in and hot wired the solenoid. What do you know, the starter turned over just fine! Turned the key to run (made sure it was in neutral) and jumped the solenoid again. The engine started fine.


I really would have liked to just had a bad starter. Easy to fix though $200 would hurt right after Christmas. So what do I look for now? Is it common to have the ignition switch go bad? Is there a fuse I have missed? Is there a relay that might be bad? I really hate electrical problems and would appreciate any insight you might have.

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No insight huh? Well so far the Accord starts fine with a start button I installed under the dash. If I find out the cause of this issue, I'll let you all know. For now I just don't have time to track it down. Thanks for looking though.

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