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99 Accord 120k Service

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First time Honda Owner. Loving it so far. I am a convert from US Domestic. Been with GM/Ford my whole life.


Anyway, got a question and a situation.


This car I bought is completely stock. Looks almost brand new. It's been driven by an older lady previously and garage kept. VERY well maintained.


I went to the dealership today to do some paperwork stuff and they told me the lady that traded it in was JUST in there and she told them she just had like 1200 bucks worth of service done on the vehicle. The vehicle has been serviced RELIGOUSLY at one dealership near where I live. This is after the sale, they have nothing in it for them to tell me this. And it's a small town local dealer that is established and trustworthy.


I'm thinking she just had the 120k recommended service and ALSO changed the timing belt. The dollar amount adds up (800ish for timing, 300ish for 120k service) and it fits the history report that shows a bunch of service in May at a particular service department.


Here's my question. I'm taking it to the Honda dealership for service and they are recommending the 120k service (over the phone). I'm pretty sure they'll also recommend a timing belt change because it has 125,000 miles.


I think it's STUPID to pay for all that if it's been done recently. I believe the Honda dealership should be forthright and NOT sell me service that has JUST been performed by THEM. What would you do? What leverage do I have to make the Honda service departement check the records for this vehicle?


It's not really a money issue. I could pay. But it's insane to pay for unnecessary service. If it were a couple hundred bucks I might just eat it. But it'll end up being over a grand and I don't want to spend it if I don't have to for another XXXXX miles.





THANKS in advance.

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