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Which engine for my swap?


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Hey everyone. Havent posted here in a while, what with work and school and all. But the time has come to finish my del sol finally. I have a 95 vtec, b16a3. Long story short the engine is ruined for now and i need to put something in it to just get my by while i rebuild the b16 on the side with plans of swapping it back in when finished. What i need to know is what engine would be easiest to put it in in relation to my transmission. And before every gets all mad, i know there are tons of questions such as these thats been asked, but its honestly way to frustrating to look through forums and then all you find is people saying how over asked these questions are then refer you to some sticky thread which only tells you the most general of answers and moves on. Very specifically, i want to know what engine i can just through in there without needing to replace my axles and transmission and what have you. i believe mine has the y21 tranny. ive been looking into the d16y8 and d16z6.. ive called my local honda dealer and they were less then helpful so If anyone can just answer this without first referencing me somewhere else it would be pretty awesome.

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