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water leak in oregon.... HEEEEELLLLPPP!!!!!!


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what's up membersl!!!


so here's my car:




i mean i wish that was my car...... the only similarity between the photo and mine is the number of doors and the color..... :laugh:


anyway it's an 87 and looks to the T like the photo, but i'm having a pretty big problem this year, a water leak that i can't pinpoint. the driver side floorboards are soaked from the foot pedals all the way back. it stops where the foot bay goes up towards the rear passenger seat. it's only on the driver's side. no upholstery is getting wet, just the foot area. i've jacked the car up to sketchy heights to roll under it for a look and don't see anything obvious, peered all over up by the windshield wipers and the door. is it coming from the outside and trickling in down by the floor board by the pedals (through a seal, window, etc) ? OR is it coming up from the road as i drive....? REALLY FRUSTRATING! !!!!!


i've been wanting to tear up the carpet and look, take the seat out an all, but i don't know if that's a dumb idea. i've never dealt with this kind of a thing before. what the heck are you suppose to do with this, do you "have" to take your car in for this sort of thing? has anyone had this problem with this body style?



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Get someone to spray water on the car while you're inside looking for the leak. Unfortunately, you will have to remove the carpet should the leak not be coming from somewhere behind the dash. Try to keep the back pad (if OE spec carpet) as this insulates the car from heat and noise, and if I remember it is glued to the floor. Just glue it back when your done. Yes, dry it and clean it before gluing it back in place.

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