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1997 Honda Accord LX


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I got a problem that I have yet to figure out a solution to.... I am not getting no fire to the fuel injectors as far as i can tell.. when i take them off the side that goes down into the manifold is dry no fuel at all on that end.... I can spray starter fluid into the throttle body and it will start.... I have even got it to start more then once and ran fine for about 10 minutes then out of no where would just die again and would not start back again... so would have to try to get it to start again... There is fuel coming up to the fuel rail but as far as i can tell all of a sudden none of the injectors are sending fuel into the manifold... can anyone give me an ideal of what is wrong?

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How do you know you have fuel coming to the fuel rail? And if so, what is the operating pressure? Is it low? Does it rise slowly and then fall off?


These are important questions to answer as you may have anything from faulty injectors, bad ECU, dying fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, etc.


The posibilies are numerous, so obtain a fuel pressure guage with the banjo adaptor before spending any money on replacement parts.

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when i turn the key on i loosen up the bolt attached to the fuel rail and gas pours out of it for around 3 seconds then stops, from what i have read that is what it is suppose to do.... I would think that even if not enough fuel pressure it would attempt to start with what gas is coming out from the fuel line into the fuel rail, and the injectors the end that goes into the intake would have some gas on them..... I would also think that with key on there would be fire on the wire that goes into each injector but using a test light for fire there light that comes on when touching the wire with key on....

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Okay, that is an acceptable method for verifying fuel pressure.


Injectors aren't tested that way. As I understand it, they do not recieve voltage until it is time to open and this only happens during operation. The injectors themselves are evaluated by measuring their flow rate. I've tested mine by removing them and individually applying voltage to each: you can see the needle valve pop with voltage applied.




I have to say, these things are typically bullet-proof. The only Hondas I've ever seen with injector problems were Hondas which had motor swaps: the injectors were mismatched to the ECU, i.e. Peak&Hold (resistor box) versus Saturated (no resistor box). Not to mention, 4 injectors failing simultaneously starts to sound unlikely.


1. Check the connection between the ECU and the injectors.

2. Be sure you have the motor properly grounded.

3. Be sure you're getting spark and be sure your timing is good.


Remember, starter fluid ignites under a wider range of conditions relative to gasoline, hence its usefulness at starting motors.

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I was able to get it fixed today... it was a simple problem that was hard to figure out, which was you no the fuel injector resistor bolted to the frame on the drivers side, well somehow i must of snapped the connection just lose enough when removing the timing belt cover even though you could not tell it was even lose by looking at it.... today i touched the connection and was just messing with it and heard it snap and then tried to start the car and it started right away and ran it for around a hour and did not die on me.. so reckon that is all it was...lol... Thanks for your help

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