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im going to start with thank you to the people who help me.


im trying to make a track ready honda but need to know a few things.. First its an automatic but im planning on converting and making rear wheel drive. (unless i should sell and start with a standard?) But im thinking about using Koni yellow struts with eibach swaybars and lowering springs, weapon-r dragon intake with a magnaflow exhaust. Are those good combinations? and what else should i put on.

also im also thinking about buying goodyear eagle f1 tires. are there any better suggestions for what im looking for?

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What kind of track?


Also, you plan on converting it to RWD??? I hope you have some serious fab skills and lots of time and money. I don't think you understand how much is involved if your asking about what intake/exhaust to get for it.

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On a related topic, I'm starting my own space touring company with rockets I make at home and right now my biggest problem is I cannot figure out what type of snacks to pass out in-flight. I want to do peanuts but I'm afraid they'll get everywhere when we're in orbit.



OP, I hope you now see what we see when we read this type of thread.

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