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93 Del Sol...Good Deal??


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I know it's a rough estimate since this is just an ad, but can anyone give me any help. I'm really interested in this car but I could use some advice. Does anybody have a recommendation on how much would be a good offer. I know seeing the car in person and driving it is important, but I'm just looking general help. I was hoping to get this for $2000. Is even that too much? Thanks



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2k would be fair I think.


Check for the typical honda rust on the rear wheel well. Listen for water in the back, the drain pipes can clog up and overflow into the rear of the cabin.


The car was obviously repainted, so see if they did the door jams and engine bay. At 2 grand you cat expect a perfect car but it looks okay if you dont mind the exterior choice.


I'm in Marysville by the way.

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