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93 Del Sol Gauges


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Hey guys,

I'm a newb to posting in forums so bear with me. I got a 93 del sol si that I've been fixing up and its close to being done, just trying to fix the little things that are left. One of those things that has been annoyingly hard to solve is a broken speedometer. I don't want to go with a used option since I know getting one will eventually break like mine did. I'm open to new ideas. I saw a vid of this guy who put an s2000 gauge cluster on his del sol and it looks sick. Anyone got any ideas like that and how hard it would be to install?


Thanks for ur time

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Do you know why it's broken? Speedos going isn't a very common thing so take it out and check your wiring.


Swapping in an s2k cluster is quite a bit of work. Do some investigating and find out why its not working.

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Thanks for your response. As of now, all I know is that the sensor at the shaft is working because I took it to shop and they tested it. Its also registering miles on so I wouldn't doubt it. The speedo will still show an increase of mph but I can be doing 80 and it will only show 20 mph, and I havent seen it pass that much. I'll get back to you soon when I have more info

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