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Frankenstein swap.


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I recently blew the head on my f22b2 and i was considering doing a Frankenstein swap for a while. But i need my car now so i was considering doing the first half of the swap on my car by putting a gsr head on my f22 block. Just wanted to hear everyones thoughts maybe opinions and advice and or points and things to put into consideration.

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A B series GSR? Doesn't line up.


H series head can be put on the F series block but your compression should drop and your horsepower along with it. The setup is designed for boost, a search on G22 will tell you more.


Plan on doing an H22 swap, forget swapping heads to your F-block.


If you're set on keeping the F-series motor, then boost it.


Swapping heads has been done, you wouldn't be trying anything new or be doing something unique; but that head swap has a very specific purpose.

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