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Odyssey: radio keeps blowing fuse 9, ACC Socket

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OK - I screwed up. Just wanted to put that out there first.


Bottom line on top: my radio keeps popping the fuse #9, ACC Socket.


Ok - now the rest of the story. I also had a 2002 Accord. The Accord had a nicer Steele with a 6 CD changer. The 2001 Odyssey had the basic stereo with a CD and it had a plastic compartment under it to fill the stereo spot. I recently totaled the Accord and I figured I would swap out the stereos. Didn't work so well.


First, it blew both Fuse #9 and #11, the radio fuse. Then I noticed the size of the fuses in the Odyssey were smaller than the same ones in the Accord. Makes sense as I was putting in a more powerful stereo. So I replaced the ones in the Odyssey with equivalent sizes. F11 no longer blew but F9 blew within 10 minutes of using the radio. After blowing it twice I decided to swap the radios back to their original cars - giving up hope of using the better stereo in the Odyssey.


The change back worked fine for 1 day. Then it blew F9 again. I'm confused because at this point everything is back the way it was before I screwed it up. If I replace F9 again the CD will work fine again for some time.


So did something else get messed up in the process that I can check? I would hate to bring this in and pay a ton of money to fix my stupid mistake .


Any suggestions?



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Hello by replacing your fuse with a bigger one you may have fried your wire so would say check to make sure you didn't do that. Since this other stereo requires more juice might want to increase wire size on ground side and the hot side be sure not to throw away the fuses you can catch something on fire

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