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Intermittent split-second stall Honda Accord 1996 manual


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My 1996 Honda Accord LX with 5-speed manual transmission has a power fall-off or stall for just a split second every 20 or 30 minutes of city driving. Sometimes there are a few at a time, each for just a split second. It's like a hiccup or several hiccups. There's no reaction in the instruments. When several happen, I often have to put the clutch in or give more gas to et through it. But most of the time the car recovers on its own. I would say it happens more often at the bottom of a gear when beginning to accelerate. My mechanic is stumped. He's tried replacing the relay to the fuel pump and adding a fuel treatment a couple of months ago, which seemed to work for a few days, but the problem came back. He says the car's computer does not indicate any problem with the distributor. Does anyone have any clue what this problem is?

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What about the EGR control system? If you have to increase fuel while driving to get rid of the problem then I would have to say that this likely happens while driving at a somewhat constant speed, there by I would have the EGR port plate removed and the EGR intake ports cleaned. This is a "general" maintenance item anyway and should be done every 100k to help keep the engine running smooth and reduce fuel consumption.


The primary cause is a fuel supply issue with EGR issue falling in second, the third place winner being the idle air control valve (IACV). You can remove the air intake rubber hose from the intake and spray some throtle body cleaner through the IACV port with the engine running and try that with a total cost of 5 dollars for a can. It sound's like your mechanic may be thinking a little to hard into the situation and may have over looked a simple fix.


Hope this helps add to what you or your mechanic can look into.


Good luck!

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What if I add one more symptom that I didn't even think of? The car is just a tad hard to start these days, and the starter was replaced about 6-8 months ago. After it's been driven a bit, it starts easier. But upon the first crank of the day (and this is in mild Southern California weather), the engine turns over for several seconds before starting.

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