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2011 Civic EX 1.8L Question


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So my wife has a Honda Civic 2011 EX, with a 1.8L V-TECH Multi Port Injection engine. I was just wondering what kind of plugs should we get for them, I have had very little luck buying the E3, and Denso's but since Im optomistic i am very willing to try them again on this application. I was enquiring on what kind to use and i came across the Iridium tip which i was about to buy but realized i should get an opinion from people who work on these kinds of vehicles. Me being an American muscle RWD car "kind-of guy". I myself own a 2007 Charger and found that the expensive plugs arent worth the cost per plug.


This car has been driven 95% highway its whole life (we are the only owner (new)). She has since got a new job that will require her to do alot more stop and go driving. Owning many cars in the past i know prevenative maintenance is key to extending the life of ANY car. I'm willing to throw some money at this ride since its the only car she can seem to take a liking to. I was considering a ram-air bolt on intake with this also.


I am new to this forum so i havent made an offical introduction but having the feeling while be owning our car for years to come (since its a Honda), and i am an admin and MOD on other sites that i might be able to find myself coming back to this forum to post regularly. Thank you for reviewing this and any input is better than none. Sorry if I have a few grammar error(s). Thanks again.




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NGK is what is distributed through Honda. Just go to the dealership and buy the plugs there.


Don't mess with the intake on this R18. It has two Air Tubes to take advantage of a second resonance* frequency. * This is that sweet spot older Hondas have around 3000 RPMs. Honda designed many of their other systems around this sweet spot: VTEC, IAB, dual chamber hydraulic mounts, etc. Unless an intake has been designed in the last year specifically for the R18, changing the Air Tube WILL result in reduced power and fuel economy. HFP and Mügen both have a performance Exhaust Pipe for the R18 but discontinued Intake options for the Civic since the R18 is already optimized.


The K-series motor in the Si is another story, don't be confused by Civic intakes being sold for that high(er)-performance car; they have two vastly different motors. I.e. just cause the Civic Si is a high(er)-performance vehicle does not mean components designed to improve performance for its motor will translate to improved performance on your R18.

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