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bad radio draining battery - 05 Accord


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We have a 2005 Accord. The radio started to malfunction over a year ago. The clock display and everything just stopped working. Disconnecting the negative battery cable would reset it but then it would stop working again a short time after. Sometimes with the car off, you can hear the radio making a sound, like it's trying to eject a cd. Whatever its doing, its draining the battery. I have to jump the car about once a week. I called the dealer and they said the radios for this year and model are known to be faulty but the fix is expensive and we cannot afford it.

I'm pretty handy but not so much with stereo/ electronics. If there is a fix out there, I am willing to try it. Please help.

Many thanks,


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I've been searching and searching and researching this issue online. There seems to be a good bit of discussion but I can't find the fix.


Is the issue with this known problem in the radio/cd head unit itself or is it the so-called "printed circuit board"?

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