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ECU problem or wiring harness problem???


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I need to figure out what the problem is here. First a little background:


The car/chassis: 2000 Integra LS/GS Burgundy

The engine: Imported 1998 JDM B18C/R


Status: The engine is running, initially on the original ECU for the 2000 LS. Ordered a claimed "2001 TypeR ECU", plugged in and car would not start. Later come to find that the problem was that 2000 and up integras now come with an "Immobilizer System" that "keys" an ECU to the chassis. I took this to the local Acura dealership and they managed to re-key the system so the car now starts with the purchased ECU. HOWEVER I still don't have VTEC for one of these reasons:


1) The ECU is not actually a TypeR or VTEC enabled ECU.

2) The LS wiring harness in the car is not capable of VTEC (it was not wired so)

3) Both 1 and 2.


Here's some facts about the situation:


1) When I drive the car currently (on the claimed typeR ecu) the rev limiter is kicking in at 6K.

2) The Acura guys hooked up their computer to the ECU and said that "there is no VTEC" (Not sure how much I trust this because I couldnt understand a whole lot this guy was saying).

3) The Ebay guy _SWEARS_ that this is a TypeR ecu AND the code on the side corresponds to a TypeR ECU that I looked up on http://www.hondata.com (I _think_ it's P73)


So here's my questions:


1) Did this guy hook me up with a TypeR ecu?

2) The readings these Acura/Honda guys get from the ECU, does the machine connect to the ECU directly or does it go through the car's wiring harness.

3) Is there a difference between a LS/GS wiring harness and a GSR/TypeR wiring harness? If so, what has to be done to change it over or is there a better solution to this?


I know this can be done, i've seen a working one. Any information, no matter how significant is appreciated. Thanks.

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well first off you need to get a vtec wiring harness you cant put a vtec engine with a non vtec wiring harness. you also need to make sure the ecu you bought its a real p73 if it is then I dont think you will have any other problems.

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