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RSX subwoofer noise


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Hi all, first post - thanks in advance for any help / advice... I just installed a aftermarket HU into my 02 Acura RSX type-s. Everything worked great until I tried hooking up my aftermarket subs that a friend and I installed shortly after I bought the vehicle. I noticed the amp under the glove box was clicking a couple more times than normal (I think) when I turned everything on. The strange thing here is I was able to get it going after I checked my wires / connections and tried again. Everything was pumping perfectly. Then, I shut down everything, took a break and went back only to find no sound working except the woofer. I again tried to cycle the power, check connections, etc and nothing worked. I took my aftermarket subs out of the formula, and rewried everything back to the stock woofers and still - only sound coming from the woofer. Put back in the original HU and still - only sound from the woof.


I'm guessing the culprit of some of this has to do with the blue "amp on" wire (wire harness) that I have attached to the darker blue "remote on" wire from my BOSS Audio unit. I killed that connection and of course get no audio what so ever. I am not bypassing the bose amp - instead I'm spliced into the spare tire sub's audio and amp-on wires. At the time, my friend (mentor really) was much more knowledgeable than I and said not to worry about the splice - and everything *has* worked flawlessly for the almost 9+ years I've had this setup...


I guess my biggest question is - did I do some damage here? I've read somewhere that there are *two* fuse boxes and the one I can't find (under-dash not under-hood) has some fuses for the audio/amp?


Thx guys

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