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94 accord stalls on sudden stop...any ideas?


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Hey this is my first post..Sorry I got a couple of problems with this 94 honda accord LX thats driving me nuts...1st problem is the car seems to run fine but sometimes I get the racing up and down idle...when you drive it and come to a stop the car stalls out...it always starts right back up..I have changed the distributor,fuel filter,and tried a used IAC valve...same problem..I even checked the soldering on the Main EFI..all good.The car does have a toggle switch hooked up to operate the fan on the car but thats the way I got it...


2nd problem which I find really weird is the #1 cylinder fires fine when the car has been sitting and will continue to run fine until you put the car in gear and move maybe 10 feet..then the #1 cylinder stops firing...I have changed the fuel injector for a know working one and the problem is the same.I also check the sparkplug wire ..its fine...and compression is like 160pds on that cylinder so I dunno whats going on...Any of you honda guys have an idea on what I need to do to try and reapir this thing>?

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