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DIY CF Duckbill


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Hello everyone well spring is almost here and time to start working on the hatch once again here is the latest instalation to my civic thought I would do a DIY for everyone enjoy :)


Here is the Duckbill I installed its from passwordjdm.com CF VIS duckbill.




Now lets get to work first open the hatch and you will see two 10mm nuts holding the OEM wing in place.




Be carefull removing these nuts they are old lol I broke one :(




After that the only thing thats holding the wing is this little thing the only thing that gave me a bit of trouble but farley easy to unplug.




If you do don't worry the wing comes with its own nuts to screw back on you don't have to use the OEM ones seen here




Line up the wing to match the hols on the hatch and just bolt back on be carefull not to tighten too much you don't wanna damage the carbon fiber.




Here is a wing that didn't fit so well don't order from ebay lol




And here is my finished duckbill :)






Damn I can't wait to throw on my coilovers and lower this thing some more




Any questions feel free to ask might have missed a few things well hope it was helpful.

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