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No Spark!!


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Okay so I was at the mall parking lot and one day i decided I needed to check my spark plugs. I pulled the cap off the spark plug and looked down and didnt touch anything when I decided I'll do it at home. I replaced the cap and the engine would not turn over. It would crank but not turn over. After countless days I did the following:


Check spark Plugs. - Good

Spark Plug Connections - Good

Spark Plug Wires - Good

Distributor - Good

ICM - Good

Ignition Coil - Good

Main Relay - Good

Timing Belt - Good


That little coil will not send anything out. I really don't know what fuses to check but I checked them all I could find. Theyre all good.

When I turn the Key, The Main Relay clicks once. Fuel pump working. Engine Light stays on. I tried everything I knew. Still no spark. I need help. No three clicks from the Main Relay. Only 1.


BTW: 1996 Honda Civic DX Coupe Is what I got. Help please and fast!!

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Jump from the pos terminal of the battery to the starter where the single wire connects (not the one with the nut). Do this with the e-brake on and the car in neutral if manual or park if auto. The key needs to be in the ON position as if the car was running, not the cranking position . If the car starts then it is something in the ingintion system. If it does not start try it with a good battery. Assumming it runs drive it home without shutting it off and start diagnoising the problem further.


Could be the battery, a loose connection, bad ignition switch etc...

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