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'95 Accord stalling/sputtering..Help


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95 Accord LX Wagon (non-VTECH) automatic: About 2 weeks ago I noticed the engine starting to choke and stall out,,, it happened occasionally. As of afew days ago, it happens all the time. It seems to happen after the car is warmed up because it doesn't occur after it has been sitting for a while. The engine will die out when approaching a full stop or starting from a full stop. If i shift into N quick enough, I can usually save the engine from stalling completely. Sometimes it almost feels like the transmission is grabbing and causing the stall, other times I'm convinced that its not. After the stall, it takes quite a bit more cranking then normal to get a start, which leads me to believe it isn't trans related. Last year I replaced wires and spark plugs, air filter, rotor, distributor cap. This week I dropped the trans fluid and refilled, and just finished changing the fuel filter thinking that could have been the problem... it wasn't. Any good ideas on where to turn next? I'm about to just take it to the shop. Appreciate any good input.

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