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Blower fan for heating/air conditioning barely blowing

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I have a Honda Accord LX 1991. I have replaced the blower for the heating and air conditioning, And when I put it on max during the heating, i barely feel any air coming through the vents. The blower sounds like it's blowing max but barely any air is coming from vents. I have checked around the blower housing to see if it's blowing elsewhere and I feel nothing. I have checked to make sure there is no blockage between the heater core and vents and found nothing. Of coarse before the blower was replaced there was no problem. The flaps on the blower housing are working fine. Any help? Are there flaps within the ventilation system itself that may not be opening or are stuck?

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(1) The blower knob that you turn may be broken not allowing it to advace (remove and manually turn with pliers) if it works then you have your problem. (2) If not (1) then remove the blower motor and run it out of the blower box. Check that the speed increases as you turn the know. (3) As James stated there could be an obstruction.


If it is the heater control button (a.k.a. the knob), the Honda part number is 79581-SM4-003, they go bad all the time on the 90 to 97 generations and cost between 4 and 5 dollars each... I am thinking that when you re-installed something went wrong where one or both of the "flaps" can no longer open.

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