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2000 Honda Accord oil leak please help


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Hey all, i just needed all the help and input you guys can give, I was at the local quickshop when a buddy of mine told me my oil looks like its leaking, sure enough i got down and there was a huge pile and it was stil going, this isn't small leak i mind you but a large leak, i don't think i let it warm up as long as i usually do, anyway my dad towed it home for me and we didn't start it at all (my friend said i might seize my engine if i did, he also said i might have cracked my engine block) I just wanted to know what you guys thought since i know you have much more knowledge than me and my dad combined, also when i take it to the shop i don't want to be completely dumbfounded. thank you in advance, anything helps.


God Bless,


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