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98 Civic ex - Won't Start...GAH


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So my car was running fine for a while until the other day it just died on me after going through a light. I attempted to start up again, failed. It cranks and turnsover but didn't start. I had a somewhat similar problem previously (months ago) where my car wouldn't start or turn over in which I ended up having the distrib cap & coil replaced. The only thing that was changed recently was new spark plugs.


Anyhow, a buddy of mine works on Honda's and after talking to him, he told me to test a few things. When I put my key into start pos 2, I only hear 1 click from the fuel pump relay but also my check eng light says on. My friend says i'm supposed to hear 2clicks in that key position. I tested to check if the fuel pump primes, I can hear it whenever I turn the key to pos2 (without attempting to start). I tested the spark plug connector (along with someone else) and determined I'm not getting a spark. I can smell the gas & i can hear the fuel pump so i know gas it getting there. I've also tested the fuses under the dash, all of them checked out ok. So after all this I was told more than likely it's my Fuel Pump Relay? Either that or timing belt is broken (which I'm hoping isnt the case) Has anyone had any similar probs, thoughts or suggestions as to what could be the cause? The only ting I haven't tried yet is to try resetting the ecu, but my friend is convinced its the relay b/c i'm not getting more than 1 click and my chk eng light stays on. Any Ideas?

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