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Maintenance I should plan on doing on an 04 EX?


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It's been about 3 weeks since I basically stole my first car - a 2004 EX Coupe with almost 74k miles for $3k! Anyway, there were no maintenance records for it, but the oil had been changed recently, and there were newer tires on it. I'm also fairly sure that it's gonna need a right front hub bearing. Other than that, I'm not sure what I should plan on doing. My uncle, who is a mechanic and had a lot of experience with cars of all types, only suggested that the hub bearing be replaced as soon as I have the money, and that they're fairly common on this generation of car to go out, so after that, assuming that nothing in the way of maintenance other than oil changes has been done, what should I do in the near future, and when? Other than oil changes, that is.

Thanks for the advice!


(Also, I know that there are a lot of maintenance threads online, but I'd really like opinions based on my situation.)

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