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2010 Civic Coupe LX Fog Lights


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Hi there!


I'm still very new to this site and I just purchased fog lights for my civic.


I got them through Amazon. I guess they're Depo. They just have a lifetime warranty through amazon so thats why I picked them.


Anyway, I have the lights but I need to know what wires I need to hook up the lights and also where I should get the switch from. I'm gonna be paying to have someone do the install. I'm really not confident enough to do it myself and it would be faster to get them done professionally I think.


Any pointers on what else I need?





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You should really do it yourself man. It's very easy to do and you'll feel good about it when you're done.


You can get a switch from about anywhere. Radioshack has a decent variety.


Okie. So, I'll get that switch from radioshack and just for my own fulfillment, I'll try it myself.


You've convinced me. :laugh:


I was reading some general fog light tips and I was coming across stuff that said I would need to work with grounding bolts. That sort of concerns me. Getting the front cover off...popping them in and stuff like that I can do. I'm just concerned about running the wires up and into the switch and stuff like that.


Where would I find directions/list of things required?

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Check this thread out. It's for interior lights, but the wiring is the same concept.


You'll have to check what fuse you will need for your fog lights.



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you should of got some sort of directions with your lights..

if not here is some basics..

1. install the lights where they look good for your taste and not going to get damaged.. ( rocks, too close to the pavement ect..) also keep in mind your wire length when choosing a location for your lights

2.you need to run a ground wire from the lights to a ground on the car. take a test light and find one.

3. choose a place for the switch in your car..

4. run a wire from the switch to the fog lights.

5. if your switch has a light on it and you would like it to be functional run a ground wire from the switch to a ground in the car. ( a bolt under the dash should do)

6. run a "constant hot" wire from the battery to the switch. i would suggest putting a inline fuse ( or you can run a wire from the fuse box if you want.. to me seems more of a pain)

then your lights should work..

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Fog lights and DRL and HIDs are very simpe install and can save you a lot of mula.

I try to do as much work on my own car as possible because i believe in " if you want something done right your way then do it your self"

Anyways... I sell LED DRLs on one of my website and many buyers always like the idea of doing it them selves. It is very rewarding feeling to put many hours into something but knowing you did it all by your self.

Good luck man

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