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Honda Accord Hybrid ABS Braking module


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I have had some problems with the brakes on my 05 H Accord Hybrid. The dealership wants to put in a ABS module which is $1630 part plus a couple hundred in labor.

Does this part have to do with the regenerative braking system?

How often does this part go bad?

Isn't almost $1900 for a single part and labor a little much on a car with less than 100,000 miles on it?

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I'd say the dealership is trying to rape your wallet.


If that is what needs replacing (I'd get it checked somewhere else just to be sure), then look around yourself for the part, then get either the dealership to just fit it, or get different place to fit it.


Just did a search on ebay, and its $30, not $1630.




And here, there isn't one for anything over $200





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Actually it turns out that those were the wrong parts. But I did find a used part for around three hundred dollars, but with no warranty.

So I have decided to get the part refurbished for $325 with a lifetime warranty. The company says it has a 24-48 hour turnaround.

Hopefully this works.

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