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1992 Accord door panel removal


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Complete door panel removal instructions came with the speakers from Crutchfield. Thanks

Can someone please advise how to remove the door panel on a 1992 Accord 2 dr. Pictures with arrows would really do it for this newbie. Many thanks in advance.

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there should only be like 2 or 3 screws holding the door panel on the rest is just clips that are built into the door panel its self, remove the door handle, the 2nd is behind the door handle dont remember if theres one in the lower part, but after u remove all the screws run ur fingers around the lower part and try to lift it until u hear a pop then continue to run your fingers around it until its almost free then just lift the door panel off.MAKE SURE you have ALL of the screws out before you start pulling. After they are out it's just clips and a little tugging will break the panel free.

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