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6 months...

Joe W

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Well my last post was six months ago... Lots has changed since then too, first off I am an expecting daddy again now. Torin is due to be born sometime at the end of March, he will be MY first child, however I do have a very lovable 4yr old daughter that I've adopted cuz she's been calling me "Daddy" for a while ;) As for work I've still got my job just better hours now especially with a family. And finally the vehicles; Those who didn't read my last post I had sold my red CRX and traded my S2K for a Truck. Back in October I traded my white HF shell with some B-series mounts and linkage for a black 2000 GSR shell. I'll start a thread with some pics


For those that remember me hope everything is going well for you, to everyone else I'm Joe like username says lol

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