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1995 Red Del Sol for sale


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I have a 1995 Honda Del sol with a Sohc v tech engine. I am unemployed right now and need to sell it. (not something I want to do) This was my second Del Sol and its an awsome car.


It had 115000 miles on it when I bought it and now has 176000. I have a clear title and the car is listed in Ebay classifieds which shows a full vehicle report. ( there have been no wrecks )

I would rather see it go to a Del Sol lover that will appreciate what it is. In my research they sell from 2800 to 5000. I have it listed for 3000. It has a broken antenna, the knob on the fan is broken off, and the drivers side arm rest is cracked torn, like you will see in most Del Sols of this age. I think it could use a clutch adjustment, but it runs and drives great very reliable, very fun. If anyone wants to make offers, or suggest its value please let me know.


How can I add Pics here?


Thanks Ron

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