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05 ex exhaust issues


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2005 Black Civic EX Special edition....automatic




Okay so ive been looking thru the forums and havent really found what i need help with.


I just picked up this civic and it has about 130k on it. I ran it thru emmissions and it failed the test. I have the codes and i know what they mean.....


p0340-this was changed right before i ran it thru emissions but i had only gone about 10 miles so i think that it didnt have time to reset but im not sure.

p0344-i know that this part is about 95 dollars

p0420-im very sure that i need to change the cat


After i start the car it idles at about 700 and that fluxuates then maybe a few mins sometimes the car will shut off.....

then after about 2-3 tries the car turns on but after a lil while of driving it shuts off and i have to repeat the process.

Could all of that be the cat messing up.


Also the car has little to no power and when it gets to the point of shifting, if i press the pedal too hard it wont shift.....it just hangs around 4-5000 rpm..


what is also interesting is that after about a hour or so of the stop and start driving the car runs fine



if this has already been answered then i do apologize and just asked to be pointed in the right direction...



Thanks for reading this....

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