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New Bee R type H launch control, dual rev limiter


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I have Bee R launch control, dual rev limiter. It has high and a low adjustable rev limiters. The high limiter is adjustable in 500rpm increments, but will not allow the engine to rev past any existing limiters. The low limiter is also adjustable in 500rpm increments. It is set in the 3k-5krpm range depending on your preference. The low limiter is activated when the clutch (or brake for automatics) is depressed. This allows the driver to hold the gas to the floor at the start line without maxing the rpms out. It also allows for flat shifting, letting the driver shift gears without letting off the throttle. This works because when the clutch is pressed to shift the limiter is dropped to the low limiter setting. Unlike factory limiters that cut fuel the bee r limiters work by "scrambling" the ignition signal. In essences retarding the ignition to the point where in is ineffective. Since the ignition and not the fuel is cut his often creates the flame shooting exhaust they are know for. It also means that I do not recommend using these on cars with catalytic converters. The fuel going through the exhaust will most likely damage them. I will also note that when activated these units are VERY loud, sounds like shot guns going off. There is a gain control that allows you to adjust how "hard" the limiter hits, basically controls the time between limiter hits changing how many times it bounces a second. Very easy to install, 5 wires. Power, ground, clutch pedal, crank signal, ignition signal. Thanks

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