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Civic Armrest/seat covers?


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So, this is my first post on here!!


I just bought a 2011 Honda Civic EX today, and the first thing I plan on doing is putting seat covers on it and hopefully finding a armrest cover or a new armrest. Does anyone have any ideas on where to find anything like that? My ex had an Evo 8 and he bought a different armrest (carbon fiber) for it, and thats what I'm sorta looking for. I really don't like the cloth one, i know it'll get worn down along with the seats. Any ideas?

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The kid who had mine before me did the panels and the glove box and the armrest himself. If you go to any hobby store or even walmart and buy fabric spray glue then purchase any fabric you like (color, or pattern) then you cut the fabric to the size spray on the glue and evenly lay it on and use a credit card or something similar to smooth it out. Its a little more time consuming on shaped things like that arm rest and I wouldnt recomend for seats. but ebay has a lot of seat covers you can purchase so pick your color and pattern out first through there then buy fabris to match... so far it has lasted me a good year it just gets kinda dirty and I am not sure how to clean it yet. Im not sure if this photo will show.




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