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Backlight for AC/Radio instrument panel


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My 2005 Accord LX does not have any backlight for the AC or Radio instrument panel. What I am calling the "panel" is the various buttions, knobs, etc., in the center of the dash just below the hazard flasher button. There is no backlight for any of the buttons except for the AC (if on) and the button(s) that show where air is coming from into the cab. (such as floor only, defrost, etc.) These glow an orange dot when on. I looked in the fuse box but did not find a fuse designiated for that panel or any that were burned through. I also looked for some way to get behind the panel to see if a bulb had burned out. My manual has nothing on the subject. At night, I have to turn on the dome or map light in order to make any adjustments to settings. My question is: Is there suppost to be a backlight on this instrument panel? If so, how might I go about fixing my problem?

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Yes there should be when the headlights or parking lights are on. I would start by checking all the fuses with a test light and replace any that are blown. Check both uner the hood and the interior panels. If none are bad then there is probably a short in the circuit or the switch for the head lights is bad. To confirm this you can remove the panel and test the hot leads to see if power is being delivered to the panel and panel buttons/switches. If no power then you will have to chase the wires back until you have power and then you will have found your problem. I believe there are multiple bulbs in your panel and it is unlikely that they have all blown. Possible but not that common. It sounds more like an electrical issue.

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