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02 ep3 catalytic converter or full cat system


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im in need of a new cat. my mechanic says i should get an oem replacement one from honda but that'll cost about a grand. and im not down for that. i looked into megan and found they have a "midpipe" for 2 bills. this midpipe has the cat correct? and then the rest of the piping up to the muffler right? does anyone know where i can get this? i heard they are on back order or something. not sure if that's true. OR does anyone have any suggestions for me on where to go to get a nice, racing cat that'll pass smog? that doesnt cost a grand? im also looking into a muffler as well. might as well get a whole cat system right? so im looking into the axle back exhaust. i heard that is on back order too but i really want it. if anyone has any info on either of these parts or suggestions on good parts to get to replace this mess, let me know asap please. i really need it and i'd really like it as soon as i can. hit me up! thanks.

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I have welded in universal cats for a number of customers. The cost under $100 plus labor. If you spend a little extra you can weld a flange on each side so you can pull the cat out after you pass emissions then put it back in next time. All the mid pipes I have seen do not have converters.

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