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Need Help w/ Civic 05 LX

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So yea here's my story,


I got 2005 Civic LX 2 door, a month ago my car battery died and needs to be jump start, but it needs to be jump start for a while for me to be able to get home. Car went fine after 3 weeks, car battery died on me again while I was driving. So i figure out I need a new one, in between those i need to change my O2 sensor ( i don't think it has to do w/ bat anyway but just sharing). So I went to advance auto parts have them check my bat and they told me i need to replace it,, they have this fancy machine that checks the battery and prints out the result, they put new bat and even installed it and even have my starter and alternator checked, they told me starter and alternator is fine just needs to change bat. so the car starts, went fine, drive it to work the next day, works fine, then i was driving back home when the car starts to show "signs" that it will die soon, car turns on and off, seatbelt indication turns on (even I have it on), i made it to my parking lot then turn it off, when i try to turn it on, it wont start again, it will start but wont go all the way, I was like wtf i just replace the battery, Car shows battery lights on! I went check the connectors of the bat, someone told me it needs to be changed that i need a heavy duty one....


So what's draining my car's battery? do i have a bad connectors? or its the alternator?


I fix the radio when the battery was replaced and it was asking for code but radio clock wont stop blinking, is it the one whose draining my bat??




Ladies can drive (barely) but can't fix cars.....

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The small light for the radio wouldnt drain your battery that fast.


Sounds like the alternator. Have them check it again, possibly try another place.


If that isn't the problem, then its probably your connections/cables.

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