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1991 DX Hatchy Auto Trans Issues

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I recently bought a 91 hatch dx as a 2nd "fun" car to play with. Its an auto, and as of late it is really giving me some issues. It is NOT wanting to shift from 2nd to 3rd when going slow. I will hit 40k and it will not gear up,. That's when starting off slow. When I start off by punching it, it will shift ok sometimes, but I mostly have to let go of the gas pedal and punch it up to the next gear on my own.


Do you think need a new tranny, or could it be something else? When it comes to engines I am not be any means a "know-it-all" so I signed up on here to hopefully get some advice.


Thanks in advance!

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Does everything else work well, engine wise? Check the fluid level to spec, should be with engine running, at temp, go through the gears then put it in park. Check with the engine running. Some cars have different procedures so check the owners manual. Look to see if the fluid is dark or "burnt" smelling. Changing the fluid may help but do not do a flush, if it has not been done regularly in the past it can cause more problems.

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