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2010 Accord no Auto-Headlights..


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I recently bought a brand new 2010 Honda Accord fully loaded v6 /exl with navi and four months into it, after a lot of rain or damp mornings, the "auto-lights" don't work anymore. I can still turn my lights on manually, but hey, wtf. I took the vehicle into the dealership and they looked at it and they replaced a switch. Bingo. No more problems..for 2 months. Now, 6 months into this new car, I have yet again, no more "auto-headlights" and the last time I took it in to the mechanic he told me that the test equipment and diagnostics came out good and that nothing of the problem could be duplicated. I reminded him that last time a switch fixed this same exact issue. I reminded him that the part number still exists on the last invoice for this problem, but service was reluctant to do anything about it. Just a over-view diagnostics test. I am not pleased nor satisfied that such a small part could have fixed the issue...




Anyway..are these headlights controlled by a bad sensor or why would a switch cause this "no-auto" headlights to not work as advertised after rain and damp mornings? Any help is greatly appreciated..




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You really need to be working with the dealer on this one. The new generation Honda are a whole new breed and although there are chips for some on the scan tools that some shops have for diagnosis a problem like you are describing is best diagnosed at a dealer with the HDS scanner. Yes it could be the switch but everything on that car runs through 'can' systems, either the f-can c-can etc., as well as through the multiplex unit, sensors etc. You come across as though it should be a simple fix, when in fact it may take a while for them to figure out...

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Thank for the reply. I needed to hear it. I love my car and just hate that it was so new and then this. Its not a big deal, but I was hoping they would order a switch again. Anyways, I am planning to give it to them for a full evening and day this weekend. Wish me luck..

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