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EVAP difference?


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Does anyone know what the diifferences between the 96 Accord DX and EX EVAP sytems are? I have a CEL P0453 I just did an engine swap on this car. I took it from an F22B2 to an F22B this is the only problem Im having with it right now im not sure as to what I have to change?

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I don't know much about honda performance or engine swaps but I can tell you that p0453 is a code for high voltage at the fuel tank pressure sensor. The ftp sensor is a three wire sensor, the signal wire should read 2.5 volts when the gas cap is off. When the vehicle is started the vent is triggered. The ecu watches the ftp sensor reading to verify a pressure change. Doing an engine swap should not have involved any change in the evap system. Put simply your car has, or thinks it has a leak in the evap system. Check your gas cap first and make sure the seal is good and it is all the way tight. Check the purge solenoid hoses for leaks. Hope that helps

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When I connect the the old ECM to the car the code doesnt come up but when I connect the new ECM the code comes up again after the car runs through its cycles.

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