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Help and info required


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Hi all this is my first post on the Honda forum, so I think I should start by telling you a little about me (hopfully without boring to many people), so here we go:


I am 24 and I love fast Honda's. I owned a 2009 Civic Type R and 2004 Civic Type R but now I am looking at buying a Honda Del sol!


I have only ever tuned up one car but was not done by me - I paid a company in Warrington (uk) to do it for me. Now I am/feel I am ready to do one myself but I am not mechanically minded so I will probably be posting quite a few post lol. I am in no rush to complete the car, I just want to do it myself and have the statisfaction that once its completed I did it - I am sure most of you have had that already or are not far off. Anyway I have pick a del sol because I saw one when I was 9 years old and I have wanted one ever since. The big thing for me is speed and power which is why I have come on here to get help and advice from you guys who are doing or who have already done this.


So let's start, this is what I need to know to get me started:


The first thing I want to do is the engine, as mentioned in my essay above, it's all about the power and handling for me lol - so which engine would you recommend for me to drop in the Del sol? (I thought about the F20C from the S2000 but found out it's not easy to fit), also thought about B16B, B18C or the K20A. But I need something that's fast, not too heavy, as I don't want to any lose handling and preferrably not too hard to fit (e.g. same wiring loom and same engine mounts not essiental)


also if i shoud get the gear box and ecu from the car as the wiring loom engine?


So please let me know your ideas and thanks for your help in advance - hope I have not bored you all to sleep.





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Hey andy,


This thread on the forum will help you, I imagine: http://www.hondaforums.com/index.php?/topic/13646-types-of-swaps/



Check it out! A b16 would probs be the easiest to fit, as they came in the del sols to start with!


I see you're from near Warrington, that's not too far from me, I'm in Wilmslow! Also 24 with a del sol! Stick around man!


yeah thanks for that man it will be a help. I know about the B16 comes from the del sol I just want to make it faster which is why I am more looking at the B18C just wanted to see if any one had any better idears or a better engine, yeah i am not to far from warrington i am in Bolton and yeah i know where Wilmslow is and I will defo be sticking aroung this has to be one of the most helpful websites i have come a cross i got lots of info just from other threds lol





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Good stuff. Sorry I couldn't be more help, I know sh*t all about engines, though there are loads of members here who know more than enough about engine swaps.


Fair enough you're on the other side of manchester from me! Have you checked out MCR-Vtec? It's a northern honda club, I just joined a couple of weeks ago, might be pretty handy if ya looking for local knowledge anyways. :)


If ya down this way give us a shout!



yeah I will have a look on there now and i dont know much about engines my self that why i am after as much help and advice as posible lol cheers for your insight tho





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